Eyes Wide Opened is a London-based coaching enterprise that works with individuals, schools & Universities to improve self-awareness & confidence for the next career move.

You’ll spend at least 10,000 days of your life working.

It’s a scary stat, but the good news is that this hefty chunk of time doesn’t have to be a grind, or a sacrifice necessary to fund your ‘real’ life. If you set aside a little time to get some clarity on who you are, what you stand for and what makes you tick, you’ll be able to make great choices and seek (and grab) you-shaped, fulfilling opportunities.

Eyes Wide Opened runs coaching-led courses of varying lengths to help all sorts of people (school leavers, students, graduates and those at a crossroads) find a sense of direction and momentum in life. The coaching team is a group of experts with working-world experience in a variety of fields and includes an ex crisis and hostage negotiator from The Metropolitan Police, ex Unilever directors and managers, a former TV presenter and journalist and the former researcher for BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs.

And we’re not just for the lost and confused – medics and other people with clear goals and/or enjoyable jobs say that Eyes Wide Opened helps them move forward with their plans and understand more about themselves. They get a better idea of how they operate (both in life and work) and what culture, conditions and tasks make them thrive.

Check out our website for more information


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