Departures and Arrivals – From electrician to business owner 

At every moment in our lives we are presented with options. However, sometimes they can be as simple as choosing between A or B, however, sometimes they can be quite varied, leaving us distraught. I believe that with every decision you make, you are faced with consequences. This then leads to another decision and then the whole cycle repeats itself all over again. You get my drift. Therefore every departure from a certain point in one’s life leads to an arrival at some sort of a destination. The destination is just slightly unknown and the journey is what makes our life…our life.

This led me to thinking, how is one supposed to make these decisions? We can’t do these alone and therefore look to our peers or within our close circle of family and friends. If we can’t find help there, only then we progress to external sources, such as books, articles, courses etc. But sometimes we can’t find the answers or don’t have the right resources. Therefore, I decided to write a series of articles called “Departures and Arrivals” that will showcase people’s career life stories and how they got to where they are today. How did these people get started? Was there a turning point in their lives? Who influenced them?

I decided to start with our inner circle and spoke to Alastair Creamer who is now a small business owner and a founder of both Eyes Wide Opened and Creamer and Sundt. This is his story…

“I knew music ran through my blood at a very young age. At the age of four, my parents picked up on my singing skills and had me signed up in a community choir from where I was able to develop those skills further. I continued to follow my passion and left university with a music degree. Although when I graduated I got a feeling that I wanted to go more into the arts rather than focus on just music. So I did.

5752537230_fa39b68b74Someone told me that I needed to get into the BBC somehow and do whatever it takes. So that’s what I did. I applied for a job as an electrician (note to all: I can barely screw in a lightbulb into a lamp,  but I went for it). I got an interview and obviously within seconds of the interview, my cover was blown and I didn’t get the job. However, the kind man who interviewed me told me saw something in me and given my skill set, recommended me to his colleagues in the music department. He got me an interview. Yes, luck was on my side, but what got me there was how I presented myself.

It was all about my energy and my attitude. I took a risk but thats what got the ball rolling and I went from one job to another and within a year I was in a much better place and one step closer to where I wanted to be. What I started to learn from this was that the three things that played a role were: my impact, my attitude and my aptitude. And those were the 3 things I was good at.

What I’m trying to say here is, have a positive attitude and try and do the best job you can, however mundane the task. People can teach you various skill sets but they can’t ever teach you a “can-do” attitude and that’s something that you need to work on in order to benefit throughout your career. Lastly, all I have to say is never underestimate the impact of you as a person”

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