Here’s our Zena’s thoughts on quitting your first job – a guest post for our friends at Quarter Life Clueless.


It’s no secret that 20-somethings often feel guilty about leaving their first job to pursue something they really want to do. After all, it was so hard to get a job in the first place.

 Zena James from social enterprise Eyes Wide Opened (the organisation helps people get on track at any stage of their lives) has written QLClueless a guest post about quitting that first job.

Trust her, it’s worth it.

Zena_James Zena James, freelancer at Eyes Wide Opened. Photography courtesy of Eyes Wide Opened http://www.ewopened.com

I stayed in my first grown-up job for four years. Invaluable experience in a top PR firm, it was the best start anyone could have. But as the politics and additional responsibilities (not always fun ones) of climbing the ladder increased, I wondered whether I was missing something by staying in the unforgiving private sector, managing the reputations of profit-making corporates. I watched quietly…

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