Are you a good listener? Good interpersonal skills are important to any recruiter. But why is this so, exactly?

A good listener builds relationships with colleagues, solves problems more quickly, and better understands assignments.  In university, zoning out in a lecture meant you might miss out on a Professor’s bad joke (you could always read up on the important stuff later), but not listening attentively in a work situation can cause personal and professional embarrassment.  There are extreme examples; a friend once asked a supervisor how his wife was only to realise he hadn’t been paying attention to an earlier conversation about their divorce, but subtler listening skills are also equally essential. If you are listening closely to your employers and colleagues you will be better attuned to their needs and desires and, in turn, be better able to fulfill them. On top of that, just knowing that someone is listening attentively gives you confidence in them. Think of a friend you felt like you bonded with immediately and I’ll bet you anything they were a good listener.

It’s no wonder then, that our Founder arranged for Dick Mullender to speak at our next Bite-sized event at Which? Magazine HQ on Sep 26th. Dick is a trained Scotland Yard hostage negotiator and will be on hand to introduce you to elite listening skills, demonstrating how they can help you to create the career and future that you want.

If you would like to attend this event, please register via our Eventbrite page.

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