Our Eyes Wide Opened intern, Alan, is in the final stage of his MA and grappling with a difficult dissertation on the nature of the idea – here he has some advice for anyone else stuck with ‘writer’s block’…

Sometimes trying to squeeze an idea out when you are not feeling inspired is excruciating so what do you do? With deadlines looming and clocks frantically ticking what are some of the options? First take a deep breath and step back.

  1. Accept that you can’t be creative and inspired every day. Give yourself a break! Acknowledging you can’t solve every problem every day.
  2. Change your environment. No need to start renovations, go for a walk and get some fresh air instead.
  3. Actively look for inspiration. Go out and explore your city; visit a museum, go shopping or just enjoy the world around you. Alternatively spend an hour or two on Google, or read a book or a newspaper or anything you can lay your hands on.
  4. Spend some time working on another project. Again taking a break means you can come back with fresh eyes.

Can you force creativity? Can you really come up with great ideas when you are under pressure? In truth the answer is probably yes and no; yes, we need deadlines and boundaries to make things happen but no, sometimes our best ideas just need a bit more time.

~ Alan
Kudos to Alan for turning his difficulties into a post which is hopefully helpful to anyone going through the same process. Often the best advice is that we give ourselves.  Next up I’m writing a little something on the Olympics…

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