Alastair Creamer, Founding Partner of Eyes Wide Opened, writes about what it means to be an entrepreneur, and why he doesn’t count himself as one.

For the last two years I’ve had a front row seat. I’ve watched my business
partner create a business. We had early discussions together but quickly
knew he needed to run it. The world of the entrepreneur is like a drug – you
get hooked. He’s now an addict.

We agreed that we would meet up regularly but we didn’t. He couldn’t. He
threw every ounce of energy and intellect at this. Something had been
released in him. His capacity for work (which was always huge) increased.
His focus was a beam of light. He removed everything that was outside the
scope of this project. It was like watching a film because you couldn’t get
close. I didn’t envy him but it was totally absorbing.

I’ve created two businesses. I’ve also launched numerous medium- scale
ideas and projects which have gone on to have a life beyond me. I don’t count
myself as an entrepreneur because I’m not single-minded. I need breadth.
I’m relatively easy to distract. I need people to be energized by my ideas
quickly otherwise I falter.

We live in an age of instant gratification – food, relationships, news,
communication, answers. Entrepreneurship can’t join this list. It takes time
and it will demand as much time as you can give it. It’s also phenomenally
hard work. Yes, get the right people around you, create a business plan,
call in favours, keep costs low, stick to your targets. But ask yourself one
question – is this idea good enough to deserve all of me? If it is, don’t
hesitate. If it isn’t, step away.

Stay tuned for a post on the possibilities of networking through Twitter, from the team’s best Tweeter…Twitterer…Tweep

One thought on “Making a lot out of nothing

  1. Thanks Alastair, I really enjoyed this post!
    Personally I know quite some people who come up with good ideas, and also show the will to realise them, but might not be willing to soley focus on one project – so I think this is a really interesting and recognisable perspective.
    Is it time to come up with a new ‘category’ of entrepreneurs – entrepreneurial multitaskers or something alike?


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