Identifying your signature strengths is crucial at any time but even more so in the current employment climate where graduates are finding it harder and harder to find jobs. With so many applicants for every new position, knowing your signature strengths and being able to express them to employers are what will make you stand out from the crowd. At the pilot programme, the EWO team facilitated a variety of activities to draw out these ingredients. Our intern Alan took part and let us know how finding his signature strengths helped him…

I found it much more rewarding than I imagined because they made me challenge and question everything. In the process of justifying my signature strengths I had to look beyond the obvious skills listed on my CV and more on how my knowledge, skills and so forth related to what actually excites me and gives me satisfaction. Essentially this is what makes me get up in the morning and want to go to work.

As a result of this process I have been able to more articulately define what I am looking for in a professional environment. For example, one of my signature strengths is a genuine interest in and concern for people, so it is important for me to find a role that enables me to play to this strength. I want to help people to do great things. Another of my signature strengths is being an active participant in a team environment. I know this sounds like a cliché (who doesn’t claim to be a team player?) but having had time out of the workforce to go back to uni, I realise that one of the things I miss and that I find especially rewarding is working with people towards a collective goal.

Defining my signature strengths has widened my prospects. Previously I always imagined that the only workplace that would appeal to me was somewhere in the music industry but in reality, while music remains a passion, the type of job I want may or may not be an option there, so it makes sense to broaden my search and to be more perceptive to other ideas.

I now have a much clearer sense of what I am aiming for and my next priority is to work out how to effectively incorporate my signature strengths into my CV.

– Alan

Next up, Daisy tells us how to make the most of your internship…

One thought on “Signature strengths

  1. Alike Alan, I also participated in the EWO pilot, and had a somewhat similar insight, which is think is very interesting! When thinking about your ‘ideal’ future job you often think in ‘sectors’ or ‘industries’, and als Alan explains your ideal job might be unlikely to occur in your sector. When discussing my plans and ideas about the future with my EWO coach, she asked me questions about whether I wanted to work in a team, how much responsibility I preferred and questions alike. Thinking about what kind of job, and how this relates to possible colleagues, was something I had not done before. I therefore think it is really intersting that Allan is also stating that maybe the ‘type’ of job, and the type of person you need to be for that job, can be more determining than the sector in which you want to work, in your search for the job that is truly ‘you’!

    What do you think?
    And how do you start thinking about your ideal job?


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